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SEO Ultimate: 20 Functionalities in One Powerful WordPess Plugin

One of the reasons WordPress is a famous and most popular CMS by choice is its vast array of SEO plugins. These software components are readily available for anyone and use it towards their greater advantage. Today, the WordPress community did it again by creating another powerful plugin that can extend WordPress websites to do almost anything you can imagine.


Introducing SEO Ultimate – the “Swiss Army Knife” of all plugins

The Genesis

SEO ultimate is a fusion of different functionalities of 20 existing WordPress plugins; thus explaining its moniker.  This plugin boasts of 20 modules and hundreds of powerful features you can use and start benefiting from real profits. With just a few clicks and configurations, SEO Ultimate can help you implement the best SEO practices and customize every aspect of your webpages to give off a strong ranking signal to the search engines.

Getting Started  

WordPress developed SEO Ultimate so you can focus on your on-page optimization factors – one of the most essential SEO tactics you cannot afford to miss. These on-page factors determine and must work in tandem with your off-page factors (link building, SMO, PPC and other online promotion strategies)   to create a dynamic and consistent progression in rankings, traffic, leads and sales.

SEO Ultimate is created to transform a basic WordPress website into a robust content management ranking machine. I am not talking just about the entire website here but every page of your site. Remember that rankings are by pages and the more pages you can feed to Google, the more the search engine giant will put you on top of SERPS.

By saying this, SEO Ultimate focuses on the latent combination of the following elements which corresponds to the search engine result pages. This includes the following:

  • Highly relevant keywords of each webpage
  • Page titles and H1 tags
  • Relevant Meta Data
  • Internal link structure
  • Inbound links pointing to relevant and quality pages





Powerful features

Title Tag rewriter

  • Puts your page’s content title at the beginning of the <title> tag for improved SEO
  • Customizes your homepage’s <title> tag
  • Overides the entire <title> tag for individual page, post, attachment, category, post tag or format on your blog.
  • Supports custom post types and custom taxonomies
  • Formats the <title> tags of posts, tags, archives, categories, pages, search results and more
  • Offers two rewrite methods “output buffering” or “filtering”

Meta Description Editor

  • Edits <meta> description
  • Increases SERP clickthrough rates by influencing search engines result snippets
  • Makes it easier to go back and add description to older posts
  • Allows the use of the {excerpt: :autogen} to auto-generate meta description

Meta Robot Tags Editor

  • Allows the <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex,follow” /> tag
  • Allows you to give instructions such as (noodp, noydir and noarchive) to search engine spiders
  • Helps you avoid duplicate content issues with its noindex settings
  • Sets meta robots tags 9index/noindex and follow/nofollow) for every post


  • Points search engines to preferred content with <link rel=”canonical” /> head tags and/or Link: <url>; rel=”canonical” HTTP headers
  • Provides a checkbox to redirect requests for non-existent pagination
  • Now supports category, tag, date, author archives

404 Monitor

  • Monitors “page not found” errors thus improving using experience
  • Finds pages that display 404 errors
  • Logging 404s that have a referring URL or are generated by SE spiders
  • Can also set to ignore 404s generated from a URL or wildcard URL pattern

Code Inserter

  • Helps you insert custom HTML into your website’s <head> tag, footer or item content
  • Can be used to add Google Analytics, FeedBurner FeedFlare, Google Adsense section targeting as well as other SEO and SEM-enhancing code snippets
  • Amore amazingly, the code remains even when changing themes

Rich snippet creator

  • Easily add rich snippet codes for reviews and places
  • Attracts more traffic coupled with impressive supplementary SERP data
  • Supports the new Schema.org format used by Yandex, Bing, Yahoo and Google

Meta Keywords Editor

  • Helps you edit <meta> keywords
  • Can help specify global keywords to be used in the entire website
  • Lets you edit the keywords in your old posts or pages with the mass-editor
  • Automatically generates meta keywords based on categories, custom taxonomy terms, frequently-used words and tags

Deeplink juggernaut

  • Boost your internal SEO paradigm by using anchor text
  • Customizes your footer links
  • Lets you easily build internal links to URLs, posts, pages, attachments etc.
  • Help select autolink destinations through autocomplete textboxes
  • Autolink points to the objects so even if you change the URL of a post or category, the autolink adjust automatically
  • Sets a maximum number of autolinks, anchor texts and deeplinks to help you avoid over-optimization penalties
  • Has nofollow attributes
  • Import or export links such as CSV files
  • Uses instant post propulsion technology to automatically link old posts no new ones
  • Lets you enable “Silo linking” mode so that posts only links to post on the same category

Linkbox Inserter

  • Encourages natural link building by adding textboxes that contain automatically generated HTML link

Slug optimizer

  • Increases in-URL keyword potency by removing filler words such as “and” “with” “the” etc.
  • Allows you to customize the filler words as desired

File Editor

  • Provides the .htaccess editor which allow the implementation of advanced SEO strategies
  • Features the robots.txt editor which can give instructions to search engines

More Link Customizer

  • Optimizes “read me” links by inseting keyword-rich titles
  • Can also override the “read more” link
  • Include <strong> or <em> tags in the anchor texts

Sharing facilitator

  • Adds social sharing buttons to make it easier for your visitors to share content  thus building links to your site
  • With SEO Ultimate, you are not required to register at the ShareThis website to enable the button – you just enable and go

SEO ultimate has still many astounding features you need to take a look at and some are still in development. However from the looks of the functions alone, SEO Ultimate is a potent contender as a “MUST HAVE” SEO plugin. Afterall it is an all-in-one WordPress SEO plugin.




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