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Why oh Why Should I Use WordPress?

We have known WordPress as a convenient, easy-to-use blogging platform. But with the advancement of online technologies, WordPress evolved into a powerful internet publishing tool which you can use to build an entire website, a blog or both.

Why is this good news for you?

Have you read or heard or have been into these scenarios?


“I cannot update my website!..”
“A simple change require me to get my webmaster to do the job but it is going to cost me!”
“Nooo… I just hosed my website.”



You will be surprised to read or find frustrations in the internet. They came from business owners who are not only disappointed with their content management system (CMS) but are also tired of spending a huge chunk of their time tinkering around their website and still end up with nothing.

WordPress to the rescue.


You will never go through any of these. Every second of your time is worth an ounce of gold. So why waste it on lagging around your website when you can spend it meeting with clients and closing more deals?

With WordPress, you are the webmaster. You can post, update, edit and manage your website in minutes without spending another dime. And you can do much more!


Benefits you can take advantage in using WordPress


WordPress as a CMS

Entrepreneurs brag WordPress as the best CMS. Not only of the factors it can contribute into their business in general but also because it is FREE! And WordPress has lots of powerful features and functions under its hood which enable you to make the most of your online representation. Plus the fact that WordPress is a blogging platform gives you a compelling advantage.

Since you are thriving in a world where fresh content is a necessity, you need a system that will not get in the way whenever you want to update your website with a new content or newsletter.

Notable brands using WordPress


WordPress as a website


WordPress understands just how busy you are . Thus it provides an easy to use platform where you can manage everything in a zap; from writing, editing or posting content to moderating comments , changing themes and customizing plugins.

It is fluid, dynamic and intuitive. Even if you are a novice webmaster, with WordPress you are confident to care for your website, communicate with your customers and keep everything in your business constantly updated and relevant.


Gives you everything and more

While WordPress is the perfect haven for amateur webmasters, its features and functions do not end there. After you got the hang of the basics, you will love WordPress even more. There are thousands or more functionalities you can explore giving you a ginormous room for experimentation and achieve a sophisticated site management process.

Open Source

WordPress is FREE and it allows you to use it whatever you like in any way you want it without the need for a license. Because it is an Open Source CMS you can benefit from real time updates and new trends. There are currently millions of people who constantly make improvements, ingenious new themes as well as really awesome plugins and other cool features to meet or satisfy your online marketing needs. You can be a part of this evolving, selfless community.

WordPress as a marketing tool


Blogging made super easy

Blogging is a powerful online marketing tool and it just keeps on getting better as WordPress allows you to easily integrate a blog into your website. You can use this journal to keep customers updated and help them make more informed decisions. Also regular posting of content can help you rank higher on SERPs (search engine result pages) which can ultimately drive more traffic, convert more visitors and increase sales. It will not be long before you can dominate your niche.

Plus points for the Search Engines

Getting into the first page of the search is essential in keeping an influx of traffic in check. And guess what, Google, Yahoo and Bing are giving WordPress website an extra point in their rankings. So by simply using WordPress, you can gain an extra edge and outsmart your competition without breaking a sweat . In fact, Matt Cutts, head of webspam at Google, “WordPress is made to bolster SEO” How is that for a marketing start?

Mobile readiness

More and more people are using tablets and android phones. This means you need to bring your business to their mobile devices. Do you have to build another website for this channel? Of course not! WordPress already got a solution for that. It can automatically recognize if a user is using a web browser or a mobile app. As it does, WordPress instantly configures the content to be viewed accordingly.


WordPress offers you more functionality than any other CMS combined. With WP plugins you can make the most of your ideas and integrate them into your website. You can add great photo galleries, forums, maps, shopping carts as well as extend your site with polls, contact forms, ratings and other cool features that can help you interact with your customers better.


Lost in a WordPress project? Having difficulties customizing a feature? No problem, you can find support anywhere. There are millions of developers and geeks (like me) who love to write about WordPress and help you out. We are just one Google away!

Last but not the least, your WordPress website grows with you. Now with these benefits you can easily grab, it makes no sense to hold back. You can achieve greater results and experience real sales You can be on your way to a more profitable 2013. And we can help you make the initial steps. Call us today.

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