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WordPress iOS Version 3.1: The Major UI Makeover

WordPress iOS Version 3.1

WordPress has never been so mobile before until the release of the iOS app. The fact that it is designed for both the iPod/iPhone Touch and the iPad, the iOS app makes it easy to write and edit posts or share photos while on the go. And now, it has even gotten hotter as the WordPress iOS dev team released the iOS version 3.1 with loads of new features!

Updated Interface

The app has an all-new look from the ground up. It has a new sliding panel interface for a greatly improved navigation and ease of use. The iOS version 3.1 sports an updated set of colors and graphics, an improved sign up experience and new app icon as well.

Sidebar Menu

The sidebar allows you to get around in the app more easily and conveniently. You can now easily access other areas of the app with just a swipe and a tap.  You can also navigate quickly to the app settings and take a quick photo from the sidebar too!

iPad Panels

The panels were designed to take advantage of iPad’s large screen. With this new panel interface, you can view your entire blog at once. It can be customized or moved around so you can view your content however you like. To remove a  panel, just drag the panel stack to the right. What a piece of cake, right?

In addition to the user interface update, the new app has also included a bunch of other powerful features that boost performance and user experience as well, including:

  • WordPress iOS Version 3.1Enhanced WordPress.com stats – allows you to view the full stat ri ght within the app
  • New Post Preview for iPad – you will now get a nice preview of your post including formatiing and the images
  • WordPress.com friend finder – connects you to Facebook and Twitter to find friends who are blogging on WordPress
  • Landscape support – view the app in landscape format including the tabs and the post editor
  • Easy site dashboard access – a no brainer feature actually which allows you to view your site complete with a dashboard link
  • WordPress.com reader and quick photo for iPad – a wish come true for iPad users (yay!)
  • Post Format Support – there is no need to go back to the drawing board to find a post format your theme supports. The app will do this for you.

The iOS 3.1 app is maybe all about reliability improvements and performance tweaks but WordPress is not stopping here. WP Developers are heading into the next big evolution in a rapid pace. Visual Editor, support for featured images and a notification are just some of the features you should watch out for!

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